The Power Of Self Healing

Even when you are perfectly healthy, your body is working 24 hours a day.

healing power

power of healing

Microscopic mechanical teams constantly patrolling and rush when they notice some injury or bacterial invasion.


When you cut yourself, blood immediately begins to drain because you entered into the dermis of the skin where the capillaries and nerves are. Because of the heart, vessels are under constant pressure like fire hoses.
Any damage to the vessel must be repaired immediately. For several seconds when blood touches the air, begins to run one of the most sophisticated mechanisms for healing – blood clot.

Muscles and walls of blood vessels constrict immediately, gathering up the wound and delay the expiration of blood from her. Meanwhile, platelets under the influence of outside air break and bind to the walls of the wound, spread and in a short time creates a soft membrane over the wound. It continues until they form a complex interweaving, thereby creating a rigid tissue that closes the wound until tissue is not renewed by new cells.

healthy body

Healthy Body

Broken bones

When you break a bone, regardless of fractured, are torn and blood vessels that pass through a broken line. Blood clots around the fractured site.
For 6 to 8 hours clotting grows and hematoma occurs, which serves to protect the repair. New cartilage is forming to bridge the broken ends.
For 6 weeks sensing bridge calcify in young bone, bigger and stronger than his substitutes. However to fully heal bone needs several months because calcium gradually accrue for its strengthening.

Cancer prevention

Many of you don’t know that the body regularly does that – prevents from cancer! Because of free radicals in the body, cancerous cells occur daily, but the body is struggling with them and prevents them from developing and to transit in malignant and to expand.

Using scouts armed with powerful chemical weapons, the immune system detects infected cells and destroy them before they can spread to other healthy cells.

If only one cancer cell is allowed to divide uncontrollably, after a period occurs colony of mutated cells, and a consequence is a malignant tumor.


DNA repair

DNA is a fundamental biological unit located in the nucleus of almost every cell and contains about 30,000 genes. When an error occurs in DNA, many things in the body are disturbed – tumors appear, rising cholesterol, nerves die, etc….

Repair of DNA


Mistakes sometimes occur in the DNA chain, it can occur when in the body we have free radicals due to UV rays or chemicals from food, water and air.
To fix the mistakes of DNA, enzymes constantly patrolling to every part of DNA searching and resolving problems.